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Shanghai Taidong Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd was founded in 2012 and is focused on health and personal care industry. With over 700 million RMB annual sales and more than 200 employees, the company has been developed into a cross regional group enterprise and its branches are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Jinhua and Wenzhou.

Taidong is a company in comprehensive management to design healthy future. Through continuous pursuit, we have achieved performance growth to satisfy consumers’ health needs, and developed the company to be a global leading enterprise in health management. Taidong has three main businesses in fitness with brand name “OVICX”, massage appliance with brand name “HUIYE” and hairdressing with brand name “ENCHEN” respectively.

Taidong penetrated markets through various sales channels including online shopping, home shopping, offline supermarkets, overseas sales and so on. The company also invited Dilraba, the most popular super star in China, to be the brand image spokesperson and advertise in many large media to spread the Taidong’s concept of personal health and beauty. At the same time we have established a long-term partnership with the top industrial design team in Europe, rely on the strong supply chain in China, and use the driving force of marketing and sales to combine the overseas and domestic advantages of leading industries.

Taidong caters to the whole world. We are strengthening the international network in order to give full play of our comprehensive capabilities accumulated over the years, and using the efficient communication and coordination system which established throughout the industry chain to produce the world-class high-quality products.

Face sprayer
Hair Clipper
hair straighteners and Curling irons
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Who we are
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